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Employer FAQ

Finding Answers is your first step to making a decision. Get answers to most common questions about How to Post New Job and Search Professionals. Check Your ‘First Step Guide’ to informed decision making.
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Q. Please Share Pricing and Job Listing Details?

Ans. All Your Posted Jobs are 100% FREE. There are No Hidden Charges.

Q. How Many New Job Postings are allowed?

Ans. You Can Post Unlimited Jobs.

Q. Why My New Posted Jobs are Under Review?

Ans. To Publish Correct and Right Information and Make Your Job Listings Look more Attractive, all New Job posted will Get Published after Review from Our Professionals Team.

Q. What Types of “Job” I can Post?

Ans. When You Post New Job, You will Find Different Job Categories/Sectors, Select the Right One Suitable for Your Requirements or You can Contact Our Support Team, We Will be Happy to Help You.

Q. I can’t See Full Candidate Details?

Ans. To Unlock all Settings and Features You are recommended to Login or Create New Account.

Q. How to Contact Support Team?

Ans. For any Support Please Fill an Online Form, Send an Email to info@digitalgoogli.com / digitalgoogli@gmail.com or WhatsApp on 9987212646.